Final routes for the 2018 Dirty Apple are currently under construction – the links below are provided to give you a sense of each route. All routes are approximately 50% dirt/50% paved roads.

While there are no killer hills on the 30, 40, or 50, these routes are not flat. There are a few long stretches of pavement that eventually lead to dirt, we promise. 

Green Apple – 30 miles, approx 2,000′ of climbing

Suggested start time: 9:30 am

Route Link:


Dirt-curious or new to dirt road/gravel riding? This is the route for you. We suggest riders of the 30-miler have a few rides on dirt and gravel roads prior to this event. WCC is offering FREE dirt and gravel riding skills clinics as well as low-mileage dirt rides. Check the ride schedule for current offerings (category HP/G).

Classic Dirty Apple – 40 miles, approx 3,000′ of climbing

Suggested start time: 9:00 am

Route Link:


We liked last year’s route so much we are keeping it in the mix this year but with small updates and beginning at the new start location. This route is good for cyclists who are comfortable on dirt roads and looking for a challenge – but don’t want to be out all day.

Really Dirty Apple – 50 miles, approx 4,000′ of climbing

Suggested start time: 8:45 am

Route Link:


We updated the 40-mile route from 2017 to add 9 more beautiful miles. Challenging but avoids the worst hills. Strong gravel cyclists will find this route to be a treat without any tricks.

Rotten to the Core – 60 miles, approx 5,000′ of climbing

Suggested start time: 8:30 am

Route Link:


Our most intense route! We updated the 50-mile route from 2017 to add more hills on dirt or questionably-maintained paved roads. We recommend this route for those who are gravel grinder regulars and really, really like hills.